Yo! I’m Pat White, a Digital Product Designer out of Brooklyn, NY. Watch my motion reel or get in touch.

I design products and experiences that inspire users to create and connect. My career jump-started as a founding team member of Cameo, an iPhone App awarded 'Best of 2013' by Apple and later acquired by Vimeo. I’m passionate about using motion to prototype experiences, bringing interactivity to designs and flows. I’m enthusiastic about working directly with developers to build products collaboratively.

I left Vimeo in October 2015 to break the routine. Since then, I've backpacked through South America and Southeast Asia with my laptop and camera. I've freelanced with many clients from startups to large tech companies. I've consulted and designed innovative Mobile Products and Virtual Reality Experiences.

Last year I co-founded and shipped PartyPlay, an Apple TV App bringing visuals to your living room.

Recently I've been contracting with Facebook and Apple as a Digital Artist and Keynote Designer. My work was displayed in the Main Stage Keynotes this year at F8 and WWDC 2018.

Most of my current work I can't show just yet because of NDA restrictions. But, here are a few fun things I've made.